Folds, sags, cellulite, and wrinkles. Sometimes, it’s hard to love the skin you’re in when it doesn’t look how you want it to. Unfortunately however, the process of aging is something we can’t stop. As time goes on, our skin reflects the wear and tear we put it through. So even with all the careful maintenance and expensive creams and lotions, you’re bound to find a few unsightly issues here and there.

In Singapore where beauty and skincare are booming industries, people have access to more readily available solutions for improving the appearance of skin. One of the most popular services raved about today is the non-surgical miracle that is thermage. Able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite immediately through non-invasive means, thermage has become the service of choice for lots of Singaporeans seeking improved skin.

Are you on the hunt for the best thermage in Singapore? Don’t just settle for any clinic or doctor and find the right one for your needs by taking these tips with you on your search.



3 Tips on Finding the Best Thermage in Singapore

  1. Do Your Research –This one might seem like a total no brainer, but there’s more to doing ‘research’ than just reading generic resources on the internet. Lots of times, we stumble upon information that comes from sources that are pretty far out. That is – sources that aren’t even within our area! So, how exactly does a thermage service in North America for example, help you find the best one in Singapore?


When you do your research, try to narrow down your resources by choosing only those that are relevant to your locality. It also helps to find an unbiased review that doesn’t ‘sell’ services to you with persuasive language and promotional copy. Instead, look for bloggers and influencers who have in-depth reviews on different thermage services in Singapore. Not only will they share their two cents on the experience, but they likely will share pictures of the procedure.


  1. Check for Authenticity – Unfortunately for those of us looking for budget friendly thermage services, there are unscrupulous frauds out there who lie and wait for unsuspecting victims. These fake thermage clinics offer their thermage services at an economical cost, so lots of people are drawn in not knowing the dangers of these unlicensed operations.


Thermage can be very safe and effective when performed by the right people with the right tools and machines. Before you dive into a service, be sure to check for authenticity. Check their websites for telephone numbers and a physical Singpore-based address. Often, fraudulent services won’t have landline numbers and will ask you to meet their doctor at an unlisted location.


  1. Leverage the Free Consultation – The number of beauty and skincare clinics in Singapore has seen a steady rise through the years. So don’t be surprised if you see more than a handful of different clinics and specialists offering thermage services when you look for the right one for your needs and preferences.


It’s true – each one of these licensed and authorized specialists can quite possibly give you the results you want. So choosing the right doctor for your thermage relies on how comfortable you feel with them. A good doctor can help ease the stress, worry, and anxiety that come with undergoing a procedure – even one that’s non-invasive and generally considered safe.

Most Singaporean clinics offer free consultations to prospective clients to give a better idea of how they provide services. Each clinic has its own vibe and sometimes, even its own gimmick. Pick out which one meets your comfort best and opt for the one that makes you feel the safest. Your gut should tell you if anything’s amiss, so don’t ignore it!



Thermage is an effective, safe, and relatively affordable treatment for getting rid of all those little skin appearance flaws that might make you shake your head. But don’t just go running for the first thermage offer you see!

Be sure to find the best thermage in Singapore that will give you the results you want without sacrificing your comfort and safety, so you can enjoy beauty anew from a reliable specialist you can trust.