August 13, 2019

Coaches Francis and Matt have coached both my sons (8yrs and 5yrs), for the past two and a half years. They are excellent coaches and mentors, not only to my children but to all the children they teach at English Football School (EFS). They focus not only on imparting to the children technical skills but more importantly, they make an effort to teach the children the right values like fair play, humility and good sportsmanship. They have had a very positive effect on their personal growth. For example, my oldest, like many children in Singapore, had a tendency to prefer staying indoors to read, play iPad, stay out of the sun, and enjoy a clean and air conditioned environment when he can. Just seeing him excited to head to the football pitch every Saturday morning and get some outdoor exercise, is an achievement for us. However, Coach Francis looks to bring out even more in my son. There was one occasion during the rainy season when the pitch was wet and muddy. My son, of course didn’t want to get wet or dirty and ended up tip toeing across the pitch in his soccer shoes. Coach noticed this from a few other kids and so really took the opportunity to help them overcome some of these modern day aversions by having fun and making sure they played their hearts out that day, in the mud. To this day, the mud stains still won’t come out from his uniform, but he is no longer afraid of getting dirty now and then. And more importantly, he is less likely to give up when the conditions are less than ideal. Thank you Coach Francis, Coach Matty, Mrs Coach Zubaidah, and the whole EFS team for giving us so many valuable lessons and great memories.

– Lan Nguyen

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