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  • “ English Football School has one of the most talented and sincere bunch of football coaches I have ever seen. Vedant, my 6 year old son was always looking forward to his Saturday morning classes and it was the best spent couple of hours for him every week. All team members in EFS are truly dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the game of every child. I wish them and their students all the very best “

    -Jayaraj Puthanveedu

  • My son was with this school for a few years till he went to secondary school. Had to stop because of too many other commitments. They are fantastic in the way they teach both football and values. EFS is one of the BEST football schools that I have come across! 

    -Chandra Ramasamy

  • Please can you thank Francis and the team for an incredible week’s football of Football Camp at The Cage.

    Our son Josh has had THE ABSOLUTE BEST TIME!! Everyday he has come home filthy, exhausted and with an enormous smile on his face – excitedly showing me the skills he’s learnt that day.

    You have a fantastic team of people working for you – thanks so much.

    -Mairianne Reardon

  • Duncan and Winston took private lessons during the boys school holidays. We did 3-4 sessions a week for about 3 weeks, the first 2 weeks with coach Reuben, followed by coach Matty on the final weeks. I must say I am very satisfied with the sessions done and designed by Reuben and Matty.    Duncan is 8 yrs old with perhaps average boy’s skills his age. As for Winston, his skill level is way below that of his peers of the same age. The sessions especially are very helpful to Winston. It’s quite obvious during their Sunday’s Football sessions that they have improved. It’s more apparent on Winston. In short I will do this again the next time both boys are having a break and we happen to be in Singapore.   

    - Henry Cahyadi

  • EFS has been like magic for our family (2 boys, 1 girl). Not only have the children developed a love for Football, but also developed a sense of team spirit and confidence. EFS’s delivers more than just a Football and a coach; it’s about passion, balance and striving to do your best even if you may not be naturally sporty.  We have been with EFS for over 4 years and are sad to be leaving singapore. Coach Francis is passionate and caring. His ethos is not about glorification of improving the best talented players; it’s about finding that gem in each child and helping it grow (whether that is in confidence or in skill).  EFS is not just any club. It has talent, heart and balance!  We hope NZ has a gem like this in our next adventures!   

    -Sara valentine 

  • Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you, to all the coaches, especially Francis.  They are all so wonderfully encouraging to my son.  He had never expressed any interest in football, never kicked a ball.  However, he loves coming every week and tries so hard to improve.  We really appreciate all the hard work your team does to make it such an enjoyable experience for him.    


  • I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the coaches of English Football School for having provided for all my three children, for just about three years, training and discipline and great coaching in Football.  My children have thoroughly enjoyed your school and the environment and the learning and the games.  

    -Orshi Archuri

  • A dedicated team of trainers with a good sense on how to handle and make children progress, lead by a passionate head coach.

    – Stephane Schmid

  • It was pleasantly amazing how the coaches engaged the young children through different activities for that 45 mins. They were firm at the same time entertaining and encouraging towards them. I’m in the early childhood sector and I’m pleased on how the activities/games were conducted for very young children during the session.
      – Farzianah

  • I loved EFS Football training at Dempsey as all three of my children (2 boys and a girl) were are all able to take part at the same time in different skill groups. My boys were not confident footballers to begin with but now they are never without a ball at their feet! My son has already said he wants to find a Football club just like EFS in the U.S. I hope we do!

    – Louis McMahon

  • EFS is a great football club.

    Not too small.

    Not too big.

    Where the coaches know all the children names and the parents know the children and each other.

    We have been impressed with the long serving history and the consistency of the coaches. Over the past 5.5 years the coaches have been instrumental in teaching our son Oliver his football skills, the rules of the game as well as true sportsmanship.

    We will miss our time with the club in Singapore.

    Thank you for all the great memories!

    Linda Gill

    Soccer Mum 2011-2016

  • EFS was a great football school to play with. I really enjoyed my time there.
    All the coaches were kind and made football fun.

    I played with a great bunch of boys who became my friends. Over the years I can say I have improved my football skills and understanding of the game. And it helped me be selected for my school football team!

    -Oliver Gill, Age 10

    Player 2011-2016

  • Thank you for organising such an engaging Soccer Clinic and Telematch for Eunos Primary School. All the parents and children enjoyed the bonding session .

    Coach Francis is good in engaging all the parents and children to participate to learn the various skills . He gives every player an opportunity to play and have fun while encouraging teamwork and good sportsmanship.

    Appreciate EFS going the extra mile for parents and children by giving medals .

    The big smiles on every parent’s and children’s face said it all. Can we have one more session ….

    – Shirley Seah

  • This message is belated but I wanted to thank you and the rest of the coaching staff at EFS for your guidance and support in training Rishan over the last few years. We have personally seen such positive development with our boys over this time. More importantly, the EFS community has become an extended family we’re always happy to meet with. One of the biggest benefits to have been involved in EFS is having met all of you. My family is grateful for the amount of personal time you all have invested in the boys’ all-round development. Those fruits of labour is evident in the excited way Rishan talks about EFS.

    Once again, thank you ever so much. Rishan may not be training with EFS anymore but the bond will continue to remain strong. Cheers!

    – Ronnie Sabnani

  • Coaches Francis and Matt have coached both my sons (8yrs and 5yrs), for the past two and a half years. They are excellent coaches and mentors, not only to my children but to all the children they teach at English Football School (EFS). They focus not only on imparting to the children technical skills but more importantly, they make an effort to teach the children the right values like fair play, humility and good sportsmanship. They have had a very positive effect on their personal growth. For example, my oldest, like many children in Singapore, had a tendency to prefer staying indoors to read, play iPad, stay out of the sun, and enjoy a clean and air conditioned environment when he can. Just seeing him excited to head to the football pitch every Saturday morning and get some outdoor exercise, is an achievement for us. However, Coach Francis looks to bring out even more in my son. There was one occasion during the rainy season when the pitch was wet and muddy. My son, of course didn’t want to get wet or dirty and ended up tip toeing across the pitch in his soccer shoes. Coach noticed this from a few other kids and so really took the opportunity to help them overcome some of these modern day aversions by having fun and making sure they played their hearts out that day, in the mud. To this day, the mud stains still won’t come out from his uniform, but he is no longer afraid of getting dirty now and then. And more importantly, he is less likely to give up when the conditions are less than ideal. Thank you Coach Francis, Coach Matty, Mrs Coach Zubaidah, and the whole EFS team for giving us so many valuable lessons and great memories.

    – Lan Nguyen

  • We are really happy that Orion has grown and learnt so much from all the football sessions in the WCP in the past year. Thanks to coach Francis and the brilliant team for shaping him into a good team player.

    – Liu Xin Ying

  • “English Football School teaches the kids not only motor skills & team work, listening skills as well. Coach Francis engages the kids very well and is passionate about coaching.  It is a joy for us parents to watch our kids enjoy the weekly sessions with big smiles on their faces. Simply priceless!”

    – Cynthia Tan

  •  “Just to feedback, we are really enjoying the sessions on a Saturday. Coach Matthew and Taufiq have a great manner with the kids. Matthew keeps the session well-paced and is clear in his instructions to the kids.”

    – Moraig

  •  “I love it! Especially the way they mix drills as well as matches so I can practice my passing and shooting skills. I also like trading football cards with my coach, (even though he supports Man United and I support Spurs who are the best)”

    – Rohan Sharma, age 9

  •  “Francis and Zubaidah do a really great job managing EFS. The coaching sessions perfectly combine the discipline of learning football skills while ensuring the kids have a lot of fun. It’s hard to drag my son away at the end of each lesson, which speaks for itself!”

    – Vin & Monica Sharma

  •  “My 10 year old boy has been training with Coach Francis and the English Football School team for about 3 months, after moving from another Soccer school. He has grown in confidence and ability in this short time, making really good progress and having lots of fun. Not once have I heard from him that he does not want to attend to lessons. He gets himself ready for class and is bounding with enthusiasm, ready to go!”

    – Nicole Maddocks

  • “My son, who is turning 5 this month has been attending classes at EFS for about six months now. There are several positives that I saw in the school but I specially appreciate their emphasis on inclusion. Since students come from different age groups and with varying skill levels, it is important that coaches try to make the training well-balanced by not letting anyone get left behind while helping students improve according to their potentials. Better understanding of spacing, field awareness, and teamwork are given more focus than developing physical strength and individual skills. Particularly, older players are taught to be aware and considerate to the younger ones. This simple instruction, other than its aim in promoting safety, would instil in students the values of sportsmanship and, above all, would teach them how to be responsible and sensitive to others, valuable traits that they can carry even beyond the playing field.”

    Dr Lou Antolihao

  • On a recent trip to Singapore, I had the pleasure of attending a football carnival that you conducted to watch my nephew Oliver play. I was extremely pleased with the way you and your assistants conducted yourselves throughout the day. As a Senior Licenced coach myself in Australia, I found the way that you were able to balance the various skill levels of the mixed ages was to your credit. It was a very enjoyable experience for me. I hope that you are able to keep going and bringing enjoyment to the kids of Singapore for many years to come.

    Yours in Football,
    Steve Pitcher

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